Boutique hotels

Located in Malá Strana in an old Renaissance house, this wonderful little family hotel combines beauty, comfort and modernity. Mere steps from the Prague castle and the Petřín park, it will captivate admirers of old stones, in a welcoming and very romantic setting.

1900 CZK ()

Located in one of the capital's most colorful areas, the Loreta hotel offers a one of a kind appeal. Its almost religious peacefulness, very likely emphasized by the nearby Our Lady of Loreto Baroque church, combined with a cozy and snug atmosphere, makes it a perfect choice for travelers looking for serenity and simplicity.

2130 CZK ()

This Boutique hotel located in the heart of Prague's historic center, mere steps from the Old Town Square, is an ideal place if you are traveling with your family or friends. The discreet Baroque façade of the Antik hotel in the always busy Dlouha street hides a welcoming patio, an exceptional service and high ...