Accessibility for people with restricted mobility

Useful information for disabled people

The historic center of Prague is all in all quite well accessible for people with restricted mobility, although getting around can sometimes be a bit difficult due to some steep slopes and to the cobblestones covering many streets. The accessibility of historic monuments is also varying.

Prague for people with impaired mobility. © Hl. m. Praha

Specialized booklet:

A very useful and comprehensive booklet was published in 2008 to help you get around: it is an accessibility atlas for people with reduced mobility, focusing on the part of Prague that is a listed UNESCO world heritage site. The booklet was created by the People with Restricted Mobility Organization by request from the Department of Culture, Heritage Preservation and Tourism of the City of Prague.

" Prážská památková rezervace. Atlas přístupnosti pro osoby s omezenou schopností pohybu- Plan Mesta 1:4 000"
"Prague Heritage Reservation. Accessibility Atlas for People with Impaired Mobility- City Map 1:4 000 ".

Published in two languages (Czech and English), this booklet contains very detailed maps with pictograms indicating: streets and monuments that are totally accessible or accessible with assistance, the major obstacles (staircases, steep streets...), reserved for handicapped parking places, well equipped public restrooms, recommended itineraries by district, accessible subway stations...
These maps are completed with a list of the major monuments located in the city center, with detailed information about their accessibility (recommended entrances, elevators, ramps...).

This guide is available:

- at the Prague Information Service center (Pis), on Old Town Square (Staromeské Namesti)
- at the Czech Tourism information center,  on Old Town Square (Staromeské Namesti)
- at the City of Prague information center (Marianské Namesti)
- at the office of the Wheelchair Users Prague Organization, Benediktska street 6

Public transportation:

Although the subway accessibility has been considerably improved these last few years, problems remain in the city center, where only 4 stations are accessible (Muzeum, Florenc, Hlavni Nadrazi, Vltavska). Some of the buses and trams on regular lines are equipped with adaptable platforms, and some trams with special equipment run at certain hours (mainly on lines 1 and 3).

For more information on public transportation and on accessible lines, please check the webpage of the Prague Public Transport company:
Information points of the Public Transport Company are located in the metro stations Anděl, Nádraží Holešovice, and at the Prague-Ruzyne airport (Terminal 1 and 2).
Telephone: +420 800 19 18 17.

Other useful addresses:

Pražská organizace vozíčkářů
People with impaired mobility organization in Prague
Benediktská 688/6
110 00 Prague 1
Tel : +420 224 827 210  or +420 224 826 078
Fax: +420 224 826 079
Mail :

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