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Opera and ballet houses

This major Prague stage is inseparably connected to the name of Mozart, who came to personally conduct his opera The Marriage of Figaro, and later to present the world premiere of Don Giovani. It is dedicated to “the Mother Country and to Muses” (Patriae Et Musis) and displays a fantastic setting where you can enjoy ...

The National Theater was financed by collecting money among the broad masses. It is a symbol of the Czech National Revival and probably one of the most beautiful edifices constructed in the capital city in the 19th century. Decorated by the best artists at the time, it offers a sumptuous setting for a very high ...

Mere steps from the main train station and from the massive modern building that used to house the former parliament, the State Opera house seems a bit lost behind the wall formed by cars jamming the highway. But this prestigious building in the New Town houses one of the city’s historic lyrical stages and ...