Things to see in Prague

Built in the early 20th century on the Old Town’s main entrance, the most impressive Art Nouveau building in Prague presents a luxurious setting with an exuberant and grandiose decoration. It was built as a multipurpose site and still today, it includes two famous restaurants and a café, an American bar, a prestigious concert ...

The Charles Bridge is an inseparable feature from Prague. It was built in the 14th century during the Gothic era and is the symbol of the city. It is adorned with a unique gallery of sculptures, a true triumphant honor guard that symbolically connects the riverbanks…

Main sights

Old Jewish Cemetery

Starý židovský hřbitov

The picture of the old Jewish cemetery with its entangled tombs taken over by vegetation is one of the most famous images of the Josefov Jewish quarter. Together with the Old-New Synagogue, it belongs to the most important sites of the Jewish heritage in Prague. Numerous anonymous bodies lie in their final resting place next ...

Every hour, a dense crowd gathers in front of the astronomical clock of the Old Town Hall to admire the parade of allegorical figures that regulate the time by day and night. The building was the symbol of the political independence of the aristocratic Old Town and includes many treasures, the most incredible of which ...

The Old Town Square, heart of the merchants’ district, is one of the most famous squares in Europe. It was the stage of many major events, tragic or glorious, throughout Czech history. It is surrounded by magnificent palaces and includes two churches, the former city hall and its popular and unforgettable astronomical clock, and the ...

The Saint Vitus Cathedral is Prague’s supreme Gothic building. It is the see of the Prague archdiocese, located in the heart of the castle complex, the center of the city’s spiritual life. The cathedral was built over several centuries and shelters numerous historic and artistic gems, such as the crown jewels, mausoleums for ...

In the Jewish quarter, the Spanish Synagogue, built in 1868, give a beautiful example of Arab-Andalousian architecture with an outstanding decoration style. The Synagogue contain also two exhibitions about its past and the Jewish community one.

The sacred shrine of the Loreto is the main Marian pilgrimage destination in Bohemia. The Santa Casa, a faithful copy of the Italian original model, is one of the numerous gems found in the shrine, as is the exceptional Church of the Nativity, a priceless sacred art treasure, or the famous carillon, with its bells ...

Main sights

Old Royal Palace

Starý Kralovský Palac

The Old Royal Palace in Prague was the historic seat of Bohemia’s rulers since the 12th century, before the governing body moved to the more recent wings of the castle. These still house the headquarters of the country’s current president.
From the Romanesque remains to the Renaissance and Classic furnishing, the palace is ...

Main sights

Saint George Convent

Jiřský klášter

The rich Baroque façade of an unexpectedly plain church, one of the most beautiful Romanesque remains of the city, is concealed in the heart of the Prague Castle complex. Its two white towers can be seen from afar. As was the case with the cathedral, the St George Basilica served as a royal mausoleum and ...

Main sights

Golden Lane

Zlatá Ulička

The picture of these tiny and colorful doll houses huddling together below the Prague Castle is renowned. The Golden Lane, where Franz Kafka lived for some time, was the source to many a myth, among others that of the shady experiments of Rudolf II’s alchemists and astronomers. The historic reality of this little street ...

The Klementinum used to be a Jesuit school that served as a spearhead for the Catholic Reconquest. This huge Baroque complex in the heart of the city is set around 4 courtyards with the national library, two churches, three chapels, exhibition and concert halls, as well as two towers including the renowned astronomical tower.

The two white towers of the Strahov Monastery stand up on the hill dominating the Prague panorama, above the Malá Strana District and the orchards of Petřín. Apart from admiring one of the best views on Prague, you will have the opportunity to discover the two magnificent Baroque rooms of the monastic library with their ...

This masterpiece built by the architects Dientzenhofer father and son is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Central Europe and the most striking example of the so-called radical Baroque in Bohemia. With its majestic dome, its bell tower and its undulating façade with dynamic lines, the church dominates the whole Mala Strana District ...

The Count Albrecht of Wallenstein (1583-1634) was a major military and political chief with high ambitions and a particularly adventurous life, he was a true fiction character. He was extremely rich but his life ended tragically: he was killed for treachery of the State. He had this huge palace built in Prague for his personal ...

It isn’t quite easy to find the entrance to this church that is nonetheless impressive, with its 80 meters (262ft.) dominating the Old Town Square and the Staré Město historic district: surrounded by low houses that seem to encase it, the church with its black spires is a preeminent Gothic building in Prague and ...

The St James Church, situated in a little street behind the Ungelt Courtyard, is attached to an important Franciscan monastic community. Visitors are amazed by the size of the building and the beauty of the interior decoration. The majestic Gothic immensity of the building is harmoniously combined to a particularly sumptuous Baroque decoration, as is ...


Veletržní Palace

Modern and contemporary collections of the National Gallery

This beautiful Functionalist building dating from the 1920’s is home to the very rich art collections of the 20th and 21st centuries of the National Gallery. The exhibitions present works from every field of art: paintings and sculptures of course, but also graphic design, architecture, design, industrial art, stage design …


Convent of St Agnes

The National Gallery's medieval art collections

It is one of Prague’s pre-eminent museums, where you can see masterpiece after masterpiece, particularly in the first halls dedicated to 14th century sculptures and paintings, the century of Charles IV, a golden age for artistic creation in Bohemia.


Schwarzenberg Palace

The National Gallery's Baroque art collections

Prague, a Baroque city, is renowned for its sumptuous palaces, the St Nicholas Church or the sculptures adorning Charles Bridge. A lesser known fact is that the city also shelters an incredibly rich collection of Baroque paintings and sculptures, with quite a few masterpieces still unknown to most foreigners.


Sternberg Palace

European art from the Antiquity to the early Baroque

Mere steps from the entrance to the Prague Castle, the big Baroque Palace formerly owned by the counts of Sternberg is home to part of the National Gallery’s European collections.
If you stay in Prague for more than just a few days, you will enjoy a visit in this museum, as much for the ...


National Museum

Natural science and history collections

The long prospect from the lower part of Wenceslas Square up to the National Museum is one of the most famous sights of the Czech capital city. The majestic Neo-Renaissance building is home to very rich natural science collections (zoology, mineralogy, anthropology…) and natural history collections (prehistoric and numismatic collections…).


Czech Museum of Music

Collections of old and contemporary musical instruments

Prague offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy some music, from the world renowned Spring festival to the countless little concert halls, which keep alive its age-old musical tradition all through the year. The Czech Museum of Music, although little known to foreign visitors, shelters true gems that ravish eyes and ears…


Museum Kampa

Private foundation, modern and contemporary art collections

The Sova watermill, a picturesque building on the Kampa island that was several times rebuilt since the Middle Ages, is home to the city’s most dynamic and contemporary modern art foundation, the Museum Kampa. You will find among others a rich collection of works by František Kupka and Otto Gutfreund.


Museum of Decorative Arts

Historical costumes, Bohemian glass, ceramics, goldsmith's art

Are you seized with lassitude when you see the countless Bohemian glass shop-windows that appear all over Prague? Come rediscover decorative arts and design by visiting a museum dedicated to these fields. It displays diverse and fascinating collections.


Jewish Museum in Prague

Art and history collections of Jews in Bohemia

The old Jewish town, razed to the ground during massive renovation works at the turn of the 19th century, doesn’t exist anymore strictly speaking. Apart from the old Gothic Old-New synagogue that you can visit independently, the other historic synagogues are administered by the Jewish community within a single structure: the Jewish Museum in ...


Prague Castle Picture Gallery

European paintings from the 16th to the 18th century

At the turn of the 16th century, the Emperor Rudolph II of Habsburg, passionate collector and great patron of the arts, put together in Prague the greatest art collection in Europe, with a renown that crossed Czech borders. The Thirty Years War, which was accompanied by ransacking and looting, scattered for ever this huge collection ...


Exhibition on the Story of the Prague Castle

History and art collections to explain the story of the castle

The present day look of the Prague castle is the result of an age-old history, and the stages of its construction are sometimes difficult to grasp for those who visit it for the first time. The exhibition Story of the Prague Castle is thus more than welcome and constitutes an enriching introduction to the visit ...


Mucha Museum

Original works by Alphonse Mucha (1895-1904)

Alphonse Mucha is particularly renowned for his work created during his Parisian period (1895-1904). He remains the unchallenged icon of the 1900’s spirit for his feminine figures that incarnate in the best way the collective idea of “our” Belle Époque. But we cannot forget that Mucha is first and foremost a Czech artist, virulently ...

Parks and gardens

Royal garden

Královská Zahrada

To the north of the castle and of the stag moat, the Royal garden was created around 1540 based on the project by Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg, in place of a former vineyard.
It is a marvelous place to enjoy a pleasant walk, with very diverse areas brightened up by exceptional edifices and sculptures ...

Below the castle, a series of gardens extend the northern Royal garden, creating a true frame of greenery around the fortress. Rearranged in the 20th century by Josip Plečník, they represent now a unified landscape while preserving the majestic trees and the little belvederes of previous centuries. They lead to the exceptional Baroque terrace gardens ...

Parks and gardens

Vrtba garden

Vrtbovská Zahrada

This is one of the city’s finest Baroque terrace gardens, which you can access from the Karmelitská street at the foot of the Petřin hill. If you walk through the archway adorned with an athletic Hercules, you will enter a different world, a bright safe haven created by curves that smooth the landscape, brightened ...

The garden was created at the same time as the Wallenstein Palace in the early 17th century, in the lower part of the Malá Strana District. It displays a fine example of Mannerist layout and decoration, with very diverse sections. It is dominated by an aisle lined with bronze sculptures, an impressive Sala Terrena and ...