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Parks and gardens

Parks and gardens

Royal garden

Královská Zahrada

To the north of the castle and of the stag moat, the Royal garden was created around 1540 based on the project by Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg, in place of a former vineyard.
It is a marvelous place to enjoy a pleasant walk, with very diverse areas brightened up by exceptional edifices and sculptures ...

Below the castle, a series of gardens extend the northern Royal garden, creating a true frame of greenery around the fortress. Rearranged in the 20th century by Josip Plečník, they represent now a unified landscape while preserving the majestic trees and the little belvederes of previous centuries. They lead to the exceptional Baroque terrace gardens ...

Parks and gardens

Vrtba garden

Vrtbovská Zahrada

This is one of the city’s finest Baroque terrace gardens, which you can access from the Karmelitská street at the foot of the Petřin hill. If you walk through the archway adorned with an athletic Hercules, you will enter a different world, a bright safe haven created by curves that smooth the landscape, brightened ...

The garden was created at the same time as the Wallenstein Palace in the early 17th century, in the lower part of the Malá Strana District. It displays a fine example of Mannerist layout and decoration, with very diverse sections. It is dominated by an aisle lined with bronze sculptures, an impressive Sala Terrena and ...