Travel tips

What documents do you need to travel to the Czech Republic? The following article will give you information about the various administrative steps to take before leaving your country, whether you are a citizen of the European Union or of a third country.

Located at approximately 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from the Prague city center, the Ruzyne International airport of Prague is considered the largest airport in Central Europe: 10 million passengers have walked through its gates in 2005. All major low cost and national airlines provide flights to this destination.

One of the cheapest ways of getting to Prague from various European cities.

All of the train lines available in the Czech Republic are chartered by the Czech Rail Company, Ceske Drahy. Prague has 2 main train stations for international lines, Hlavni Nadrazi and Nadrazi Holesovice, make sure you know which is the station you will arrive to or leave from.

In case of a roadside inspection, you should produce the following documents: an ID document (valid ID card or passport), a valid driver's license (a national license if valid in Europe, otherwise an International license), a certificate of license registration and a car insurance certificate.

In this article you will find the address, contact information and opening hours for your embassy or consulate in Prague. The diplomatic representations listed hereafter are for citizens of Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, the UK, and the USA.

Post offices in Prague are not so easy to find on your own, the information in this article will help you find the main ones located in the center of Prague, a useful tip if you want to send parcels or postcards.

It is always reassuring to know what to do and where to call in case of health problems during a trip abroad, which is why we listed on this page the main numbers to dial in case of need as well as addresses of pharmacies that are open day and night.

What should you do in case your credit card is lost or stolen during your stay in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic? This page lists the hotlines to call to block your card as well as possible solutions in case you need money.

The Czech Republic became a member of the European Union in 2004, it does however not belong to the euro area and hence uses its own currency, the Czech crown, adopted in 1993 as the Czech national currency. This page will give you information about its exchange rate and about the banknotes and coins used.

Advice and tips on how to exchange money in Prague: recommended foreign exchange offices and banks, scams to avoid, bank card payments or withdrawals.

Public transportation in Prague


Where can you get them?

In Prague, transportation tickets cannot be bought from the bus or tram drivers. This article will help you prepare your trip by giving you detailed information about fares and about places where you can buy public transportation tickets.

Detailed information about fares and about how to use the 3 subway lines that crisscross the city of Prague.

The tram system in Prague is very much developed, just as in every large Central European city. It is also the best means of public transportation for all transfers in the city center. A true oddity for many foreigners, since the use of trams was abandoned or never even put into use in many countries ...