By car

In case of a roadside inspection, you should produce the following documents: an ID document (valid ID card or passport), a valid driver's license (a national license if valid in Europe, otherwise an International license), a certificate of license registration and a car insurance certificate.

A few rules to respect on the road in the Czech Republic

Speed limits are similar to those in most European countries (50km/h in town, 90km/h outside built-up areas and 130km/h on highways, except if specified otherwise). The security belt is compulsory for all passengers.

Your low beam headlamps must be lit day and night, all year long, on all types of roads.

There is no tolerance for blood alcohol content in the Czech Republic, hence beware of residual alcohol and of medicine containing alcohol.

If a pedestrian is standing at one end of a zebra crossing and it is obvious he wants to cross the street, drivers have to stop to let him pass (if of course traffic isn't managed by traffic lights or by a traffic cop).

When driving on tramway tracks, you should know that trams always have priority and that motorists are always considered at fault in case of a collision.

Using a telephone while driving is prohibited.

Czech highways

Before accessing a highway you must buy a road-fund license (dálniční známka) and place it on your windshield. They are available at border crossings located on highways or in most gas stations. The validity of a road-fund license can be of 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, according to the length of your stay.

The quality of roads, particularly highways, in the Czech Republic is not always good, be careful when driving and make sure to allocate sufficient time to your transfers.

Parking in Prague

The Prague city center is divided into 3 parking zones:

- orange: short term parking. 40 CZK for 1 hour
- green: maximum parking time limit is 6 hours. 30 CZK per hour
- blue: long term parking reserved to citizens living in the district or to companies which headquarters are established there. The only cars authorized to be parked on these lots must hold a special parking card. Controls are very frequent and cars without the special parking card are immediately impounded, we urgently advise you against parking on such spots!

For more information about the various parking possibilities - park-and-ride, public car parks, watched car parks,... - we recommend this well documented webpage.