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Private excursions outside of Prague

This outing will take you to one of the main attractions of the Czech heritage: it is a symbol of the power enjoyed by the Bohemian kingdom in the 14th century. The fortified castle Karlštejn was built by the Emperor Charles IV for safekeeping of the most precious relics of the country and the crown ...

Kutná Hora was the second largest city in Bohemia by the end of the Middle Ages. It had become very wealthy thanks to its silver mines, which filled the coffers of the realm for decades. Its historic center was amazingly well preserved and is now on the world heritage list of the UNESCO. Kutná Hora ...

Karlovy Vary, Carlsbad in English, Bohemia’s most prestigious spa city, is particularly renowned for its healing hot springs. Embanked in the small valley formed by the river Teplá, the city center displays a luxurious architecture: among the hotels, palaces, thermal baths and colonnades, you will experience the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque.

The multicolor dungeon of the Český Krumlov castle overlooks this stupendous medieval town with its town center a listed UNESCO world heritage site. It is an emblematic destination in the Czech Republic and thanks to its leveled situation on a hilly area, visitors can admire numerous enchanting panoramas...

Bohemian crystal is renowned all over the world, its fame comes from a long tradition of excellence and of constantly renewed creativity pursued by the glassblowing artists. This half-day outing will allow you to discover one of its traditional manufacturing locations: the crystal glassworks of the Rückl family, which has been manufacturing crystal products for ...

The infamous stronghold of Terezín was built by Emperor Joseph II, then converted into a Jewish ghetto by the Nazis… A must-see for who wants to understand the magnitude of the tragedy experienced by the Jewish people in Bohemia during the Second World War.

Located a few kilometers outside of Prague, the castle of Nelahozeves is one of Bohemia’s most striking and monumental Renaissance castles. It is splendidly decorated in Italian style with sgraffiti, stucco and frescos: particularly well-liked techniques by the high aristocracy at the time.

Overlooking the Sazava river from its stone promontory, the fortified castle of Český Šternberk enjoys the benefit of a particularly spectacular location, very much appreciated by romantically inclined visitors. It is also one of Bohemia’s most beautiful fortifications. Located less than 50 kilometers from Prague, it makes for a perfect half-day trip.