The town of Kutná Hora

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Kutná Hora was the second largest city in Bohemia by the end of the Middle Ages. It had become very wealthy thanks to its silver mines, which filled the coffers of the realm for decades. Its historic center was amazingly well preserved and is now on the world heritage list of the UNESCO. Kutná Hora abounds with exceptional monuments.

St. Barbara's Cathedral in Kutná Hora. ©  ©

From the 14th to the 16th centuries, silver mining was the source of Kutná Hora’s wealth. The city also housed the mint where the “Prague groschen” was coined, it was one of Europe’s strongest currencies at the time.
The city’s most striking monuments were built during this prosperous period. The impressive St. Barbara church, patron saint of miners, with its recognizable shape and its vaulted roof that reminds a stone filigree, is a major late Gothic gem in Bohemia.
Remains from medieval times are present everywhere in the historic center: among them, the Chapel of Corpus Christi, the patrician houses in the narrow streets, the stone fountain in the central square or the Italian Court, formerly house to the King’s agent responsible for overlooking the silver mining.

The Baroque era has also given beautiful treasures to the town, among others the astonishing Ossuary Chapel in Sedlec, which is entirely decorated with skulls and bones, a strong reminder of the transience of human life...

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- the entrance ticket to the Italian Court (Vlašský dvůr) including a demonstration of coin minting,
- the visit to the Ossuary Chapel in Sedlec (hřbitovní kaple s kostnicí).
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