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Prague corrupt tour

Guided tour about corruption

"We hope Czech corruption will make it on the UNESCO cultural list like the Tango in Argentina." This quotation sum up pretty well the spirit of this new agency: Corrupt Tour Travel Agency.

 Avantgarde-prague  Avantgarde-prague

With a willingly ironic tone, considering Czech Republic as a soap opera country because of its many scandals, this agency wants to denounce this method and inform tourists about corruption.

Well then you can expect to discover "the best of the worse" about different cases of corruption in Prague and in Czech Republic, through different kind of tour.

Prague Best of the Worse Tour

"Best of the Worse" is a tour about places which are the most representative of corruption. You will see in particular the Blanka tunnel. This project of a colossal scope, both by it size and its cost, don't stop to pose trouble, urban and ecologic one, but still bring a lot of money to the companies at the origin of the project.

Prices for a bus tour or feet one:

Bus tour:

  • from 1 to 6 people: 280 €
  • from 7 to14 people: 375 €
  • from 15 to 26 people: 560 €

Feet tour:

  • from 1 to 6 people: 165 €
  • from 7 to 14 people: 235 €
  • from 15 to 26 people: 329 €

The Prague Crony Safari

"The Prague Crony Safari" is a bus tour of houses belonging to rich corrupted businessmen, center of attention in some scandalous case. This tour will bring you closer to some recent cases or keep going one.

Prices of bus tour:

  • from 1 to 6 people: 280 €
  • from 7 to 14 people: 375 €
  • from 15 to 26 people: 560 €

This agency takes a good care of informing visitors about corruption cases and their persistence in Czech politic. These tour, really original and surprising have a growing up success in Prague. A unique kind of tour in the world.

Booking two days before the tour.

Information et booking at: info@avantgarde-prague.cz

Other tours are available on the Corrupt Tour Travel Agency website:


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