Water activities in Prague

Sports on the Vltava river

This is not only for tourists, but also for local people looking for a stimulating way to cool down during the hot summer days. For enthusiastic sportsmen, sportswomen as well as for people who seeks real adventure while on holiday, we offer some exciting activities on the Vltava river.

Water activities in Prague

The historic centre of Prague by kayak

Spellbinding views of Prague that you’ll never get from dry land
1200 CZK ()

Locals like to spend late autumn afternoons with a glass of good beer on Prague’s Náplavka embankment. But we offer you a far more original and exciting experience – a guided kayak trip along the River Vltava, through the very heart of the Czech capital.

Water activities in Prague

Kayak trip on the River Vltava

Take a trip through former industrial areas

The kayak trip is a leisurely journey down the River Vltava, giving you the opportunity to see the former industrial areas that have either been reclaimed by nature or reborn as modern new neighbourhoods.
A great way to stay cool on hot summer days.