This wine bar was established in response to the love of Prague’s Bohemians of wine. Several renowned artists (filmmakers, a photographer, designer, and others) used to gather to drink expensive bottles of French wines. They couldn’t afford the drinks but were unable to resist them. Later, they opened a small wine bar called Bokovka in the centre of Prague, frequenting it with their friends. The bar lasted for several years and disappeared, after opening in various locations.

To the delight of Bohemian Bohemians and lovers of foreign wines, the old legend opened in 2014 at a new location in Dlouhá Street, which is now perhaps the culinary heart of Prague. Bokovka is in a shabby courtyard. The interior makes clever use of the overall shabbiness of the surroundings and draws attention to it with sophistication and a sense of design. You won’t find a collection of tarted-up furniture but a venue where you can expect a professional sommelier service and a chic atmosphere.

There is no kitchen at Bokovka, but snacks include perfectly selected cheeses, and sardines.

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The wine bar is linked to eateries in the renowned Ambiente network. Bokovka therefore sells vouchers for events at affiliated companies. Lukáš Svoboda’s Beer Draughting Course, for example, is a very interesting experience. He’ll teach you to pull a pint like a master, and you’ll discover how to make classic Czech versions of draft beer such as “hladinka” (flat head), “šnyt” (cut beer), “řezané” (a mixture of light and dark beer), and “mlíko” (milk beer) ... In short, you’ll learn a lot about beer history.

Vendula, Avantgarde Prague
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