Personal data protection


I hereby grant Avantgarde Prague DMC s.r.o; Nad Šárkou 1257/108; Praha 6 – Dejvice; 160 00 - Česká republika; IČ: 27639703; DIČ: CZ27639703 (“Data Processor”) consent to process my personal data (“Personal Data”).

The data processing is carried out for the purposes of: (i) providing and arranging services delivered by the Data Processor; (ii) sending information about other services provided or arranged by the Data Processor (including newsletters and business communication).

In addition, the Data Processor may provide information to parties for which it acts as an agent, and to other parties that process data related to tourism, or offer services related to tourism.

Personal data that will be handled by the Data Processor will include the names and surname, date of birth, contact information (in particular postal address, telephone number, and e-mail), information about previous use of services provided or arranged by the Data Processor, and data handled by the Data Processor in accordance with legal requirements or for fulfilling mutual obligations under an agreement, or for other reasons in which the explicit consent of the data provider is not required.

This consent to personal data processing is voluntary and may be revoked at any time through a letter sent to the Data Processor, by e-mail sent to, or by notification via the Data Processor’s website.

If the consent is not revoked, it shall remain in force throughout the period when the services are provided directly or arranged by the Data Processor, and subsequently two years after termination of service provision.