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Prague in December

In Prague, December is marked by a magical, festive atmosphere. The streets are lit up with colourful decorations, the Old Town Square is home to a magnificent Christmas tree, and the hustle and bustle is at its peak as the festive season arrives.

Prague’s Christmas markets are a must-see attraction during your stay in Prague in December. Here you can buy a wide range of souvenirs and traditional items.

In Czechia, the end-of-year festivities are marked by important traditions that have been present for centuries. These include the arrival of Saint Nicholas on 5 December. The bearded man is accompanied by an angel and a devil who reward or punish children for their behaviour over the past year. The angel hands out sweets, while the devil gives the child a lump of coal or a potato.

Children’s choirs are also a custom in the Czech Republic. Stages are often set up at Christmas markets, and you’ll certainly have the chance to hear some carols as you do your shopping.

Even though temperatures are relatively low at this time of year, discovering the Czech capital in winter is still very exciting. Sometimes the snow comes and the city is completely covered in its white coat, for a guaranteed Christmas atmosphere! It’s also a great opportunity to drink a glass of mulled wine, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, and sample some delicious and hearty Czech culinary specialities that will keep you going for long days of exploring.

For example, start your meal with a soup, a culinary habit adopted by the Czechs. From broths to creamy soups to vegetable soups, you’ll be spoilt for choice! For the main course, try the traditional goulash or svíčková, two typical dishes in sauce, accompanied by a beer, the Czech national drink!

Our top 3 things to do in Prague in December:

A guided tour of the city with a local guide

Whether it’s a tour of the city, a visit to the Jewish Quarter or a tour of Prague Castle, it’s always interesting to visit a city with a local.

A virtual reality game based around the Golem

If it’s really too cold outside and you’re looking for an indoor activity, slip on your virtual reality goggles and find yourself in a parallel world, back in medieval Prague. Thrills guaranteed!

Relax at the spa

In the middle of winter, it’s always nice to slip into a heated pool, enjoy a jacuzzi and wellness areas. From beer baths to private jacuzzi with a view or treatment rituals for two, choose your moment of relaxation during your stay in Prague in December.

Christmas and New Year in Prague

In Czechia, Christmas is celebrated around a number of traditions. On the evening of 24 December, Czechs eat breaded carp with potato salad. The scales of the fish are often kept as good luck charms for the coming year. Some families pour molten lead into the water, trying to find out what their future holds.

If you’re spending Christmas Eve in Prague, remember to book your dinner in advance! Many restaurants close on the evening of 24 December and it’s almost impossible to book a table at the last minute. Check out our selection of Christmas menus!

On New Year’s Eve, Prague’s city centre is very festive and lively. The Czechs are in the habit of preparing chlebíčky, a slice of bread traditionally topped with potato salad, a slice of ham, a gherkin, a pepper and a hard-boiled egg. At midnight, lentils are traditionally eaten to bring in money for the New Year.

On New Year’s Eve in Prague, there are plenty of parties to choose from, with atmospheres and themes to suit all tastes and budgets. Take a look at our selection of New Year’s Eve parties.

Christmas Markets in PragueUseful information for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Prague
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Christmas Markets in PragueUseful information for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Prague