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When to go to Prague

Prague is a city with an enchanting charm that you’ll find at any time of year.

If you’re wondering what the weather will be like when you come to Prague, read our article on the weather in Prague!

Prague in spring and summer

The arrival of warmer weather marks a turning point in Prague life. The temperatures are milder and the days are longer, which is ideal for strolling through the streets of the Old Town and Malá Strana.

Be careful, though, as April and May attract many tourists and the city centre quickly becomes very crowded. Easter markets also liven up the capital’s main squares.

Don’t hesitate to get lost in the many narrow streets that are often unexplored by most tourists, or to visit the districts of Vinohrady, Karlín and Holešovice. You’ll be able to mingle with local life and discover places that are rarely visited by tourists.

The parks and gardens are also a must if you’re visiting Prague in the sunshine!

For panoramic views of Prague at sunset, head for Riegrovy sady park, where you can admire Prague Castle from the hill, or Letná park to enjoy the Beer garden, which offers a view of the Old Town.

View from Letná Park

Prague in autumn and winter

Although it gets cold fairly early in the year, autumn is a magical time in Prague and the Czech Republic. The shades of red, orange and brown make the city very photogenic.

The months of October and November are particularly marked by the lack of people on the streets. This is the time to discover the capital if you enjoy the peace and quiet.

On the other hand, the month of December, marked by preparations for the end-of-year festivities, attracts a lot of people and is part of Prague’s high season. More and more tourists appreciate the magic of this period, the Christmas markets and want to discover the festive city, sometimes covered in a beautiful white coat. Why not spend Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve in Prague?

If you want to discover Prague under the winter spell but away from the crowds, go in February! Flight and accommodation prices are relatively lower than the rest of the year. But don’t forget to bring warm clothes!

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