Every nightlife devotee living in Prague for any length of time must have visited this legendary Žižkov bar. Bukowski’s has been in business since 2011 and has become a place where countless emotional scenes have played out. The bar has witnessed spontaneous parties, drunken fights, reconciliations, punch-ups, and acts of generosity. Many business deals have been done and art projects set up here, and of course after work the atmosphere is deservedly relaxed.

Bukowski’s style fits in well with other establishments nearby. On the one hand, the pub is surrounded by overly polite bars with a great selection of drinks but a slightly contrived atmosphere. On the other hand, relaxed and friendly places exist in the neighbourhood that are sometimes too wild or grungy. Bukowski’s combines the two types. Boasting quality drinks and professional service, the pub offers visitors easy-going entertainment and the opportunity to let their hair down a little. Bukowski’s has a slightly decadent atmosphere, to which the candles and dark-coloured carpets contribute visually. In short, it’s a more boisterous venue for those who are still young (in spirit).

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Do you have nothing in your pockets at the weekend? On Sunday, you can buy a draft beer for the symbolic price of 7 crowns!

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