Café Pavlač

Not just a café, Café Pavlač is also a restaurant, bar, club and a gallery of contemporary art named "35M2". This establishment shows that the Roma soul of Žižkov has long since found a new home, and the originally blue-collar atmosphere of this place has now been transformed into a "lifestyle" establishment. Yet something of the old spirit lives on, in the garden, in the central space of this apartment block, which has a gallery running around the courtyard (the pavlač), and in the cellars.

Have dinner here or lunch (mostly healthily), enjoy a drink, or just have fun. The café is family-owned, and thanks to the extensive menu, you could easily take up residence in Café Pavlač, and have breakfast lunch and dinner there. But only until eleven o’clock at night, when it’s closing time. Then you’ll be out on the picturesque Žižkov cobbles, which down through the years have been rounded or worn down by thousands of feet or vehicles.

beyond the centre | Žižkov
 Type of establishment
Restaurant | Bar | Tea & Coffee
Free Wi-Fi
Pet friendly
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It’s worth regularly following events at Café Pavlač, and especially the food on offer. From time to time, the menu features culinary gems that you certainly won’t be able to rustle up yourself.

Patrick, Avantgarde Prague
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