Chapeau Rouge

Do you want to really chill out, completely let go and let your hair down? And forget all about the nonsense and hassles of everyday life? Then head for Chapeau Rouge. Lose yourself in the red semi-darkness and let reality completely disappear in the labyrinth of corridors, and the nooks and corners of the three underground floors. The first level features a bar and pulsates with mainstream music. Below that, you’ll hear dance music, and on the bottom level live experimental concerts by innovators of all kinds of musical genres. Every evening, without fail, you know that you can rely on the pulsating three-storey venue to get you working up a sweat. Chapeau Rouge is the perfect for those in a different state of mind and don’t want others to know their little secret, whether such clubbers come from America, France or anywhere else.

The venue is in the most central address in Prague (in addition, beside a church) and was probably predestined to be a place for letting off steam. As early as the 17th century, the Devil's Tavern stood on the current site. From 1919 until the Second World War, the building was renowned as a music venue for the cream of Prague society, as well as loose women. And at the end of the communist regime, before 1989, the building was a counselling centre.

Go for it! For well over 400 years, this place has been making people – particularly those who are young and have itchy feet – feel good.

city centre | Old Town
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