The name of this restaurant (Sugarcoffeelemonade) refers to a Czech kids’ game along the lines of the statues game. The name also gives you an idea of the menu. The Lesser Town café specialises in cakes and other sweet items, and you’ll find yeast-based buns, pancakes, strudel, lemonade, and other goodies. All are homemade and produced daily. You can also order chicken-based dishes, scrambled eggs, pasta, or another savoury dish before a dessert, if you’d prefer not only something sweet. Or, you could just sit back and relax with a coffee or a glass of wine.

At Cukrkávalimonáda it’s also popular to order food to go, but there’s just one drawback: when eating, you’ll not have the opportunity to admire the painted wooden beams that look as if they date from the Renaissance. Is the ceiling original, and does it date from before the Baroque rebuilding of the house at the turn of the 17th century? Probably not - it looks too fresh. But it certainly looks beautiful!

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One of the benefits of Cukrkávalimonáda is that it is a little off the beaten track, a slight distance away from the main thoroughfare of the Lesser Quarter. You’ll appreciate this fact when paying. And though prices are higher than in neighbourhood cafés, they are not exorbitantly so.

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