George Prime Steak

If you don’t mind paying extra for good-quality beef from the US mid-West, head for Platneřská Street, close to the Klementinum.

There you’ll find George Prime Steak, where the meat is grilled at extremely high temperatures so that it stays as juicy as possible under the lightly-browned surface. As well as selecting the exact grilling temperature, you can choose from a selection of cuts, such as marbled ribeye steak, or beef on or off the bone. You can also opt for beef sirloin wrapped in bacon, or a T-bone steak, which blends a robust flavour and the delicate texture of the meat. All of these items feature on the regular menu at George Prime Steak, and 30-day dry-aged beef is available, in limited quantity. Upon special request, the restaurant can prepare 45-day dry-aged beef or 60-day dry-aged beef for you. And, depending on availability on the day, you can also opt for grilled lobster, tiger prawns or other fish.

The refined, perhaps even slightly affected interior design will make you feel that your evening meal is an exceptional culinary experience, an impression made stronger by the dark brown colour scheme.

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If you’re a fan of wine from the New World, especially from California, you’ll love the wine menu at George Prime Steak. The long list impresses diners and includes vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel wines, as well local versions of these varieties.

Karolína, Avantgarde Prague
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