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How do we work?

You can get in touch with us at any time, with any request: whether you need a service or information, we are able to provide it quickly, irrespective of the level of urgency or complexity.

So that we can offer the best solutions over a short period, please send us the following information, preferably by e-mail, to

  • Dates of your trip or event
  • Reasons for and objectives of your trip or event
  • Services required
  • Number of participants
  • Composition of group and participant profiles
  • Your budget
  • All other information you feel is necessary: if the trip or event has previously been organised in some other destination, where the participants will be leaving from, etc.
  • Once we receive your request, we will quickly investigate its feasibility. We will then contact you immediately to let you know that we have received your request and that we are processing it. If necessary, we will ask further questions.
  • Our team gets together to discuss and define the best response to your needs.
  • The person leading the team handling your request drafts a detailed quote and sends it to you as quickly as possible.
  • We will be happy to adjust our offer according to your comments, as often as necessary.
  • Following the approval of our programme offer and quote, we will propose a payment schedule; the terms and conditions can be adapted to your needs.
  • During your trip or event, we are available for you and your group, via our 24/7 hotline. We are ready to help and deal with any situation that may arise.
  • Once your trip or event is over, we will check that we met all your expectations, if not exceeded them.
  • Your full satisfaction is our priority. We will be pleased to be of service for any other project in the future.