Lokál Dlouhááá

It is not often that a restaurant concept is so popular with both foreign and local clientele. But that is precisely the case with the Lokál. The former are impressed with the Prague hams with creamy horseradish, Talián sausages, deep-fried cheeses, or cauliflower scramble. The latter enjoy the same delicacies with joyous nostalgia.

The Lokál is the place to go for classic Czech pub food and what's more important: no need to worry about cheap substitutes, powdered sauces and cheesed off staff. The tank Pilsner has vim, the dumplings rise in a warm kitchen and have a yolky colour; the Hungarian goulash has a nice paprika taste and is not thickened with flour.

The menu is changed on a rolling basis and on your lucky day, you may chance tomato or dill sauce, at other times, noodles with ground poppy seed or chicken paprikash. Whatever the case, you will always find homegrown meat delicacies at the Lokál: Přeštice sausage, Debrecener, blood sausage, liver sausage or Gothaj salami and head cheese with onion and vinegar.

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When you go to the Lokál for a beer, you get a choice not only from the low and high levels but they also serve the connoisseur’s “milk” with a significant amount of foam and a pint draft pulled in one go.

Jan, Avantgarde Prague
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