Mánesova Bar and Books

This is a branch of the New York network of Bar and Books, which has been running since 1990 in the US city. In 2004, the company expanded for the first time abroad by opening in Týnská Street in Prague, and later at the Manesova address. An old-fashioned designer bar, with the books adding to the atmosphere, Bar and Books makes an excellent choice for a relaxing evening. It’s a sophisticated and attractive place for people who can appreciate peace, elegance, and quality whisky and cocktails. They would prefer to sit and chat rather than seek a wild night out.

The Mánesova Street branch also has a small stage for musical or theatre performances.

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For many years, the Prague Burlesque ensemble has regularly performed at Bar and Books – and the performances are better choreographed and more playful each year. Beautiful girls, and decadent, cheeky yet tasteful fun, adding to the atmosphere of the good old days.

Maéva, Avantgarde Prague
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