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Moser is the best known brand of Czech crystal and it is so well established that it can hold its own even with such French brands like Bacarrat or Siant-Louis. The Moser glassworks was founded in 1857 in the West Bohemian spa town of Karlsbad, by Ludwig Moser. It began as a family enterprise, but with time, it grew into a major international company whose products are considered a symbol of luxury and excellence.

The uniqueness of Moser products lies in the fact that they do not contain lead, even though it is precisely this element that differentiates crystal from ordinary glass. Despite that, the finesse, clarity, luminosity and the quality of material used traditionally places Moser products among crystal of the highest quality.

The artisans’ expertise, in blowing, engraving, fine gilding or hand painting is behind the success of this luxury brand. Its products are regularly presented to ambassadors and high-ranking state officials, not excepting the president at the Prague Castle.

One Moser glass shop can be found on Na Příkopě street. Historical sets, contemporary creations and limited editions by renowned designers, decorative objects, fine engravings of scenes from famous paintings on glass, can all be found in this archaic shop with beautiful panelling and luxurious furniture.

There are 2 shops Moser in Prague.

city centre | New Town

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