New Stage

The New Stage (Nová scéna), is the modern sibling to the original Neo-Renaissance building of the National Theatre. For many years, this has been the seat of the world-renowned Laterna Magica, the world’s first multimedia theatre. It also offers classical drama, ballet and opera.

The idea to build Nová Scéna goes as far back as the end of the Second World War, but it only became a reality in 1983, using architect Karel Prager’s design. The three Nová Scéna buildings, together with the National Theatre, form a closed piazzetta, which in 2016, was newly crowned the “Václav Havel Square” in honour of the first Czech president. If the piazzetta appears to be particularly lively, do not hesitate to pass through. Often, ordinary markets, designer fairs or public performances are held here. The biggest attraction is the main building of Nová scéna, which is located right on Národní. It is probably the most well known example of Czech Brutalist architecture, and one of the most distinctive, but at the same time, the most controversial, buildings in Prague. It is unmissable thanks mainly to the glazed frontal by the front entrance and the facade faced with green marble slabs. In the unique interior, you will also find the green marble, together with other original designer elements, such as stainless steel banisters or crystal lamps – all exuding the unmistakable air of the 1970s.

New Town

Most of the second floor is taken up by the spacious and original NONA cafe. You can enjoy your coffee and a view of the busy Národní while seated comfortably in the café.

Jan, Avantgarde Prague
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