Peace Square

Peace Square (náměstí Míru) is the heart of the fancy quarter of Vinohrady, whose ambition was to be even more showy than neighbouring Prague. This was one of the reasons why its central space became a parade of ambitious tenement houses (mostly the exceptionally well preserved Neo-Baroque houses in the northern part of the Square) and a place with a concentration of public edifices designed to highlight the cultural standard of Vinohrady. The character of the Neo-Baroque theatre built at the beginning of the 20th century evokes the ostentatious ambience of Vienna’s Ringstrasse as a model for public buildings in the 19th century. The sophisticated choice of location for the Neo-Gothic Church of Saint Ludmila, built by Josef Mocker, the architect who did the completion work on St. Vitus Cathedral, in the centre of the upper part of the Square makes it the dominant feature of both the space and the long avenue which links the square to the Gothic Karlovo Square. This link and the irregular shape of the square, which is out of character compared to the otherwise regular chessboard pattern of Vinohrady blocks, lend the Peace Square an almost historical touch. The square is thus viewed almost as an organic part of historical Prague. The sum of public buildings is supplemented by Národní dům (National House), where the cultural life of the quarter is concentrated, and other public edifices in the area, among which the “skyscraper” of the fire brigade building from the 1920s is particularly prominent.

To this day, the Square is the social centre of the whole quarter. Its metropolitan ambience spills over into the surrounding streets, of which the triangle between Peace Square – Tylovo Square – I. P. Pavlova Square is one of the most lively spots in the whole of inner Prague. On the contrary, the streets leading south from the square have an almost intimate touch to them, with their concentration of cafes and local restaurants. This is the part which offers visitors the ideal place for quiet walks and a real taste of this remarkable neighbourhood.