Pivovar Marina

The reconstructed space in this building on the river bank has a striking beamed ceiling. The main room is dominated by a fireplace. In the winter, the customers are mostly drawn to said fireplace, while in the summer months, they are more attracted to the spacious garden in front of the Marina, from where they enjoy a beautiful view of the Libeňský Island and the smooth flow of the Vltava.

They have two menus here. One Italian, which is more sophisticated, but most customers prefer to go for the brewery’s classics like hot dogs in dark beer, Moravian Sparrow with red cabbage, grilled pork neck or marinated ribs.

All these goodies are washed down with four brands of tank beer. You can choose from the ten degree lager, the twelve percent Holešovice lager, thirteen percent special dark beer and beer made from wheat.

The Marina is an ideal place where to end your visit to the nearby Dox gallery, or take a rest after a train trip ending at Holešovice Station.

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The beer here is brewed in copper tanks with a volume of ten hectolitres. You can check them out behind the counter. The rest of the equipment is in the cellar, where it can be viewed through a glass wall.

Patrick, Avantgarde Prague
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