Radost FX

One of the first post-revolution clubs in Prague or, according to some experts, the first. In a basement, close to the IP Pavlova intersection and metro station of the same name, rock started to be played a quarter of a century ago. Since then, that genre has gradually been pushed out by techno, house, trance and Black music. Although a new owner acquired the club recently, the overall style remains. Some of the resident DJs have also stayed on, as does FX Bounce, the oldest Black music night in Prague. The interior is an intriguing mix of “shabby chic” and chic. And at the club you can feel free to lounge on the floor, sit in one of the super comfy sofas, or at one of the bars.

beyond the centre | Vinohrady
 Type of establishment
Restaurant | Nightclub
Free Wi-Fi
Pet friendly
Credit card

In the passage at the club entrance to the club you’ll find a restaurant serving mostly vegetarian dishes. And before you go, check out the shop opposite, where you’ll find CDs, records, DVDs and fashion accessories!

Anaïs, Avantgarde Prague
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