Riegrovy sady park

Riegrovy sady was established at the beginning of the 20th century in Prague’s Vinohrady district. The municipal park, situated on a slope, is named after Czech politician František Ladislav Rieger, whose statue can be seen there. But say the words “Riegrovy sady” to a Praguer today and politics wouldn’t be the first thing to spring to their mind. For these days, Riegrovy sady is associated with relaxation and enjoyment.

Having a picnic, going for a run, taking your dog for a walk, preparing for an exam, playing frisbee with friends. These activities and many more are typical at Riegráč, as the locals know it. The beer garden is undoubtedly the most popular attraction. The sentence “Let’s go to Riegráč for a beer!” almost becomes a magic spell in the summer months.

It’s therefore no wonder that in the warm months the grassy areas are literally covered with groups of young people. One of the favourite places to gather is the Mlíkárna pub, in a restored late Classical building that was originally a tiered lookout tower.

But there are also activities for children at Riegrovy sady, and you’ll find among others the modern “U Draka” playground and an indoor swimming pool.


As part of Riegrovy sady is on a hill and high above the historic centre, the park offers magnificent views of the surrounding city – especially Prague Castle and Petřín Hill. If you arrive in the evening on 1 January, you’ll have a beautiful view of the annual New Year’s fireworks.

Giulia, Avantgarde Prague
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