Tràng An

Even though today, Prague is full of bistros serving Vietnamese food, there were very few at the turn of the millennium. You could count them on the fingers of one hand.

At that time, the proprietor of the Tràng An restaurant operated from a miniature stand in an out-of-the-way street at the Prague Market. He catered to his compatriots, who sold textile at the surrounding stands. Gradually, other curious diners began to frequent the place and very long queues began to form for a taste of Pho soup and other delicacies. High demand forced the proprietor to take a radical step: he hired one of the pavilions at the Prague Market in Holešovice and moved the business there. The fantastic and light food could now be served on decent premises with seating and a summer garden in front of the pavilion to boot. The Tràng An was transformed from a punk-style establishment not only in terms of location, but it now also has a more sophisticated menu, where even vegans are well at home, and also those who are into lesser known Vietnamese dishes.

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There is one dish that you just have to taste. It is called bún chả. They are fried pieces of pork served with rice noodles, dressing, herbs and sprouts. You will not find a better version anywhere in Prague.

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