U Cedru

The recently reconstructed interior of this restaurant, within walking distance of the Traub Villa combines oriental elements and a soberer Central European style. The bar and lighting feature ornamental patterns; otherwise plain colours predominate.

The menu is much more varied than the interior design. The strong spices traditionally used in Lebanon probably best go with to lamb, whether grilled as a cutlet, as a kebab flavoured with parsley, or as Makanek, small sausages. The chicken dishes are significantly less fiery and are almost always marinated in a mixture of garlic and lemon juice. Consequently, the chicken doesn’t suffer from the typical problem of being too dry. Worth trying is the Farrouj Mishwi, half a chicken, which is first deboned, then marinated and finally grilled. Combined with a refreshing sauce, this meal is an excellent choice for the warmer months of the year. Instead of French fries, which accompany several dishes at U Cedru, order toasted Lebanese bread with Farrouj Mishwi.

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You could put together an entire Lebanese banquet from the starter section, where you’ll find everything from aubergine specialities to sautéed liver and lahm meat pies.

Jan, Avantgarde Prague
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