U Malířů

If we wanted to describe the restaurant U Malířů (The Painters) in one word, it is undoubtedly the adjective “old” that would come to mind. It is said that the establishment has existed since 1543, and has hosted, among other famous people, Emperor Rudolph II. Apparently he regularly went there incognito. If the building is called that, it is because it was bought by a painter named Šic in the 16th century. On the ceiling, vaults covered with frescoes dominate a room furnished in a very classic style, with long white tablecloths and chandeliers that recall their ancestors, the candelabra. As for the menu, it's a colorful potpourri of world cuisines: veal chop with artichoke rubs shoulders with lamb shank in red wine stewed, pike perch fillet sits next to Chateaubriand steak. Traditional Czech cuisine is also represented, with for example rabbit terrine served with watercress mousse and sour cherry jelly, roasted snails stuffed with anchovies, marjoram and onions or even duck confit served with the most typical Bohemian garnish: potato knedlíky and red cabbage. The wine list offers a tempting variety of local wines: for example, you will find an André grape variety from Šatov, a Pálava from Pouzdřany, a Hibernal from Mikulov or even a Muscadet from Moravia produced in the Tetur cellars, near Velké Bílovice. To accompany your desserts, we will offer you a bottle of straw wine or ice wine: welschriesling, gewurztraminer or pálava.

city centre | Lesser Town
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