Vinohradský pivovar Brewery

A modern approach to a traditional beverage is the secret of the success of Vinohradský pivovar. Although the brewery was founded in 1893, production was disrupted for a long time by the Second World War. Beer is no longer produced at Vinohradský pivovar, but parts of the brewing process continue here. The brewery has even been home to the Brewery and Malt Research Institute (yes, you can find such revered institutions in the Czech Republic!).

Vinohradský pivovar was reborn in 2013, and will only go from strength to strength. Locals and those from further afield like to visit for a beer after work. The most popular variety is Vinohradská 11°, which has a typical Czech flavour thanks to the famous Žatec hops. If you like your beer with a slightly caramel taste, you should try the Jantar 13°.

The simple style and decent prices appeal to everyone, especially the young people whom you will always meet at Vinohradský pivovar.

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In summer, enjoy an alfresco drink and do so standing up, like a local. The walls of the building feature small shelves specifically designed for half-litre glasses. Vinohradský pivovar is a wonderful place for a chat and making new friends.

Jan, Avantgarde Prague
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