Vozovna Stromovka

The garden restaurant in a former tram depot has wood panelling, but this is not the only distinguishing feature that sets it apart in the middle of the Stromovka park. The building is surrounded by greenery and is a great place for a short stop during the day, to enjoy a cold beer under the shade of the trees, but it can also be a good night spot, where you do not disturb anyone because the nearest residential building is far out.

The menu is uncomplicated. You can choose from several kinds of baked potatoes, beer snacks and grilled meat. In the summer, they serve smoked fish and you can also order pork specialties. During strawberry or other fruit and vegetable seasons, you can look forward to specialities that go with the time of year.

Kids are not to be left out – the menu offers fruit dumplings and pasta with meat balls. The Vozovna is just a short distance away from the zoological gardens in Troja and the Prague Planetarium. The restaurant is situated on a skating route and is close to dog parks. Simply an ideal place to spend a free day.

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Families will especially love the Vozovna. In its close proximity is an innovative playground where the small customers can run wild to their hearts’ content, while their parents watch over them from behind cups of coffee or mugs of beer.

Maéva, Avantgarde Prague
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