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Key details

Duration 3 hours
Available languages
Number of people
Included Meal | drinks | Welcome Drink
Mobile voucher accepted
Subject to availability
When In the Evening


* Take in a folklore show while you’re in Prague and enjoy a traditional Czech dinner, which is included in the price.
* Choose from 3 menus.
* Unlimited consumption of beer wine or non-alcoholic drinks, during the show.

Main description

Folk music, song and dance are an essential part of Czech culture. And you can experience them in the very heart of the Old Town, at the dinner and folklore evening at Michal restaurant in Prague.

During the performances, musicians play melodies from various regions of Bohemia and Moravia, and instruments include cymbals, violin and double bass. They are accompanied by singers and dancers dressed in traditional handstitched costumes. You’ll love the lively rhythms of the folk music and the elegance of the traditional dance steps.

Adding to the atmosphere are a series of games and activities, which all guests can take part in and are devised by the performers. For above all, this event about fun and having a good time.

During the performances, dinner will be served at your table and is fully in keeping with the spirit of Czech traditions. You’ll be able to taste typical Czech meals, served in beautiful ceramic bowls.

Want to know a secret?

The dinners are organised by friendly Božena and her husband. Both are incredibly kind, and they’ll do everything to make sure that you’ll enjoy the evening as much as possible!


Before you go

* Folklore shows commence at 7 p.m.



* aperitif
* selection of cold appetizers
* potato soup with mushrooms
* selection of roasted meats (duck, marinated pork ribs, beef, veal)
* red cabbage with apple, fresh mix salat according to season
* potato pancakes, bread dumplings, roasted potatoes
* selection of deserts
* coffee or tea


* aperitiv
* selection of cold appetizers
* potato soup with mushrooms
* grilled fish with vegetables (2 types of fish depending on the season)
* fresh mix salat according to season
* roasted potatoes
* selection of deserts
* coffee or tea


* aperitif
* assorted cold hors d’œuvres with vegetables
* cream of vegetable soup
* spinach balls with Parmesan cheese and grilled vegetables
* selection of Czech pastries
* coffee or tea

Homemade bread is served with all meals.

Let’s meet there:

Restaurant Michal Náprstkova 273/8 Praha 1 – Staré Město 110 00

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