Zanzibar is a legend in the Czech Republic. In the 1990s, a group of young people registered the Zanzibar trademark, which was originally used only for importing syrups used in bars. In 1995, they opened the first company pub Zanzibar, in Kladno, the second followed a year later in the Lesser Quarter in the heart of historic Prague. Then, cocktail bars in Prague were like gold dust, and Zanzibar was a buzzing, vibrant joint where different social groups mixed brilliantly. You could meet nouveaux riches, celebrities, managers, and fun-loving young women, but also ordinary Prague resident who wanted to enjoy drinks more appealing than just the boring old cliché of Czech-style rum and coke.

The original pub vanished in 2013. But two years later Zanzibar re-emerged. Located on Anglická Street, the new version has a more elegant and mature look than its 1990s predecessor. The interior no longer consists of disparate elements like those in the pub on Kampa Island. The new version has its own style, without trying (unsuccessfully) to be posh. The exposed brickwork ceilings combine well with unusual lights on metal hinges and illuminated bottles will entice you to try things you’ve never come across before. On Fridays and sometimes Tuesdays, DJs play at Zanzibar.

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The bar closes at 4 am, even on weekdays! So, if your average Prague night out is short, you can make it last much longer and have great fun.

Giulia, Avantgarde Prague
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