One of the exquisite views seen from the ancient windows of this restaurant (Belfry) located in a Gothic tower is that of the Prague Castle. The striking wooden interior incorporates the original beam constructions and the individual tables are carefully placed between them.

The historical continuity dominates even the menu. Just look at the soups. You can order crayfish cream, South Bohemian sauerkraut soup with fried chanterelles or beef consommé with homemade noodles. In short, they offer a decent excursion into Prague bourgeois cuisine of past centuries.

There is a special section of the menu that offers Old Czech dishes: chef’s cutlet from a Přeštice piglet served in morel sauce with flavorful mashed potatoes, lamb's knee on rosemary, wild pork tenderloin is served with blackberry sauce with mohnnudel flat cakes. The rendition of old recipes is convincing, logical and not at all pretentious. Besides, you can even have deer prepared in quite an exotic style: in a pistachio crust and with sweet potato puree.

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The two-floor restaurant is located in the Gothic bell tower in the centre of Prague. You will find rough-cut stone, beams with authentic patina, exceptional ironwork, in fact, even a bell called Maria from 1518. The architecture and history are reason enough for you to visit the Zvonice.

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