COVID-19 in Prague

There are no longer any coronavirus restrictions for entry into the Czech Republic. It is no longer mandatory to wear respirators or nano-masks in the Czech Republic.

The pandemic Covid 19 in Prague and in the Czech republic

Like everywhere in Europe, but perhaps a little more in proportion, the Covid 19 pandemic has hit Prague and the Czech Republic hard.

But Hooray, the borders are finally open again to tourism from today, Monday June 21, 2021! In any case for nationals of the European Union and even more, because it is not that simple.

The country has been confined several times, more or less strictly. Bars, restaurants, shops and services have long been closed to the public and above all the country's borders have been closed to tourism (and still remain so for some destinations).

Laws and ordinances

The restrictions enacted to combat the spread of Covid 19 are issued by ordinance by the (Czech) Ministry of Health according to the Health Security Law (§ 80, para. 1, al. H of Law No. 258/2000 ).

The last order dates from June 16, 2021.

Putting restrictions in place

So the restrictions are ordered by the Ministry of Health, but their implementation depends essentially on the Ministry of the Interior, which issues the protocols allowing the application of the ordinance.

This is where it gets complicated: The law, the interpretation of the law, the expression of the interpretation of the law, the application of the expression of the interpretation of the law. And as everyone goes there with their little music, it's a happy goulash.

However, although there may be nuances between the ordinance and its application, overall there is no contradiction and the rules are quite clear. What's complicated about this cacophony is to find where to look for the right information.

On the pages of the Ministry of Health (in English).

On the pages of the Ministry of the Interior (in English).

On the government's special Covid 19 page (in English).

Conditions of access to Czech territory

The conditions of access to Czech territory depend on the destination of origin and the color of this destination. At present, France being orange for the Czech Republic.

  • The green countries for the Czechs (Germany, Italy...)

No duty

  • The orange countries for the Czechs (France, Portugal)

In any case, complete a declaration to the Czech health authorities.

For anyone over 5 years of age, present a negative test, PCR of less than 72 hours, antigen of less than 48 hours upon entering the territory (upon boarding if traveling by plane).

Children under 5 years of age, first-time vaccinated over 22 days (14 days for mono vaccinated), those cured of Covid 19 (less than 180 days, medical certificate in English) are exempt from showing this test on presentation of a certificate in English recognized by international bodies.

  • The red countries for the Czechs (Spain)

Same conditions as the orange states but they have a duty of making PCR test within maximum of 5 days from their arrival to the Czech territory and stay in quarantine while waiting for the results

  • The countries dark red and black for the Czechs (England, Russia, Bosnia)

The travelling is prohibited

Restrictions applied to services in Czech territory

There are a plethora of them. We are not going to present them to you especially if you can enter Czech territory as a tourist, which means that you fill them.

We will rather present to you what is really going on: Apart from the wearing of the FFP2 mask which remains obligatory in the interiors even if it is less and less respected, there are no controls or very few, therefore carpe diem.

Testing for Covid 19 in Prague

It is possible that you will probably have to take the Covid 19 test to cross the border again in the opposite direction to your arrival, or in any other direction after all. In Prague, of course, it is possible to take antigen tests and PCR, but it is better to book them.

List of tested places in Prague and Central Bohemia. These pages are in Czech and English (with javascript, so only on one page), where you can choose the type of test, method of payment (free for Czech policyholders, not for others, so you have to pay them) and display by price (for PCR test).

We especially recommend the Prague polyclinic, where prices are very favorable. Two places: Mariánské náměstí in front of the Prague City Hall and the polyclinic of Spálená Street.

Unfortunately, this site is only in Czech, but google chrome is your friend :)

Of course you can call us or write to us, if you have any questions or requests for services, we are at your full disposal.

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