Havlíček Gardens

Havlíčkovy sady, also known as Grébovka, is an English landscape park on the edge of the Vinohrady, Vršovice and Nusle neighbourhoods. The space enjoys huge popularity among both residents and tourists. Extending over a wide area, Havlíčkovy sady provides plenty of opportunities for a pleasant stroll. There are plenty of spots offering privacy for a short break or a lovers’ tryst.

A little bit of history: at the end of the 19th century, Prague landowner Moritz Gröbe bought the extensive site. He built his summer residence, Villa Gröbe on the slopes of the former vineyards and estates of the Horní and Dolní Landhauska homesteads. The villa still stands today and naturally forms the dominant feature of the park. Gröbe had the land around the residence cleverly transformed into a rugged garden. It was made special among other things by the artificial cave (known as the grotto), casino with shooting range, bowling alley, chess tables and other attractions for relaxation and amusement. Gröbe also restored the original vineyards, established by Charles IV, and added an impressive gazebo – which is now protected as a monument. Gröbe’s heirs did not make use of the villa or park. They sold the house and land to the Vinohrady municipality, which opened the park to the public at the beginning of the 20th century, under the name “Havlíčkovy sady”.

At the beginning of the second millennium, the villa and the park underwent an extensive restoration. The former casino, in the pavilion, is now home to an attractive café often used for various social events such as parties and weddings. If you visit, don’t miss the opportunity to see Gröbe’s bowling alley, which has been restored and remains part of the pavilion. In the gazebo, you can sample wine from the adjacent vineyard. Thanks to its attractive appearance and location, the structure is a frequent venue for weddings and other celebrations.

Besides the architecture, the park is also valued for its botanical diversity. This observant visitor will be able to spot up to 120 species of trees, including exotic varieties. The abundance of species has thus attracted the many birds and insects that have settled in the garden.

Grébovka is the perfect spot for a sunny day. You could enjoy the park in the company of friends in one of the cafes, take a pleasant stroll, or read a book under one of the trees.



Grébovka frequently attracts picnickers and is a frequent venue for food festivals and wine festivals. If you’re in the neighbourhood when any of these events is being held, don’t miss the chance to join in.

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