Hemingway Bar

An exceptional establishment where crowds form outside. The small, cosy two-storey bar serves some of the best cocktails in Prague. The prices are premium-category, as are the drinks – all are of first-class quality.

It’s is all about presentation at Hemingway; only a few drinks come in classic wine glasses. Look out for the Breton mugs, dishes in the shape of a camera lens, and magical curved glasses. If you come back here, you’ll find new things because the drinks menu changes. The staff know their jobs inside out, although they may come across as rather glacial, which is typical at Hemingway bar.

city centre | Old Town
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Before you visit Hemingway Bar, avoid any stress or unpleasant surprises by familiarising yourself with the house rules. For example, you should wait to be seated. And if you want to buy somebody a drink, you should first check with the staff, who will find out whether the person is interested. Another regulation stipulates that guests shouldn’t move the furniture, etc. The staff are very strict about adherence to these rules. If you fail to behave correctly, you’ll be shown the door, even if you’re a multi-millionaire.

Anaïs, Avantgarde Prague
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