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How Do I Get to Prague?

Located at the very heart of Europe, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is thus easily reached by almost every means of transport.

  • By aeroplane

Many national and budget airline companies fly to Prague Václav Havel Airport.

There are flights from London, taking 2 hours, and other cities including Manchester and Edinburgh. Flights from New York take around 8 hours.

National airlines

There are regular direct flights to Prague from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the USA. Connecting flights are available for destinations in Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa. Carriers include Aer Lingus Air Transat, Air Canada, British Airways and Czech Airlines.

Budget airlines

Budget airlines such as Easy Jet, Wizzair and Ryanair often have attractive deals. We therefore recommend signing up for their newsletters so that you don’t miss any special offers!

  • By train

Reaching Prague by train is ideal for those with more time to spend traveling and who don’t mind lower levels of comfort.

What’s more, you can discover the places that the train passes through on the way. For example, several German cities of interest are located en route from London to Prague.

The official website of German national railway company Deutsche Bahn has an English version and offers you the option to book your tickets online.

International trains arriving in Prague usually stop at the main station ( Praha Hlavní nádraží ), which is located in the city centre and just minutes away from Wenceslas Square.

  • By bus

If you’re travelling to Prague for a week or more, coach is the cheapest option and you won’t find a lower cost way of getting to the city.

The London to Prague bus takes 14 hours and a ticket ranges in price from around EUR 50 to EUR 200, depending on how far in advance you book and the season.

Regular bus services from the United to the Czech Republic are provided by Eurolines , Flixbus and Regio Jet . The latter is a Czech company offering comfort and excellent value for money.

Praha Florenc is the main bus station and serves for domestic and international arrivals and departures, and lies near the historic centre of Prague.

  • By car

The Czech Republic may see pretty far away from the United Kingdom, but the Czech capital is only 1,280 kilometres from London, from where the journey can be covered in approximately 13 hours.

Although there are no road tolls in the Czech Republic, if you are using the motorway, you must pay for a motorway sticker, which should be placed on the windscreen of your vehicle.

Where do I buy the motorway sticker?

Motorway stickers are on sale in most petrol stations and vary depending on the length of stay in the Czech Republic. They come in 10-day, 1-month and 1-year versions.

Price list :

10-day : CZK 310 / approximately EUR 12.50

1-month : CZK 440 / approximately 17.50 EUR – valid from the date marked on the sticker to the corresponding date of the following month

1-year : CZK 1,500 / approximately EUR 58: the sticker is valid for 14 months, i.e. not just a calendar year but all of December of the previous year and all of January of the subsequent year

Don’t get fined!

If you get caught driving on a motorway without a motorway sticker, you’re liable to a fine of CZK 5,000 / approximately EUR 200.

Some highway code rules in the Czech Republic:

  • Speed limits in the Czech Republic are different from those in the United Kingdom, the United States and other English-speaking countries. The top speed limit is 130 kilometres per hour (81 miles per hour), on motorways, and 50 kilometres per hour (31 miles per hour) in urban areas.
  • The Czech Republic drives on the right.
  • In the Czech Republic, no alcohol in the blood is tolerated.

Attention: trams have priority over vehicles!

Handy tips

Here is a list of documents that you must have if you’re driving in the Czech Republic:

  • valid identification
  • valid driving licence
  • vehicle registration confirmation
  • green card (confirmation of liability insurance)
  • motorway sticker – if you’re going to drive on the motorway

If you hire a car in the Czech Republic, you should check if it contains an up-to-date road first aid kit, in accordance with the highway code (the road first aid kit is obligatory in all vehicles registered in the Czech Republic). You risk a fine of CZK 2,000 / approximately EUR 80.

In the Czech Republic, the road first aid kit must contain:

  • Leaflet on what do in a road accident
  • Space blanket measuring 200 cm × 140 cm
  • First aid scissors (rounded tips, anti-corrosive) length: 15 cm
  • Pack of latex surgical gloves
  • Resuscitation mask with valve and filter
  • Esmarch bandage
  • Dressing with 2 pads (width of at least 8 cm)
  • Roll plaster and plaster with pad

You can find information about parking in Prague here.