Jazz Dock

Unlike other Prague jazz clubs, which are housed in historic cellars in the city centre, Jazz Dock is on water. One of the few venues lucky enough to be housed on a pontoon, it therefore offers spectacular views of Prague, the City of 100 Spires.

The programme also stands out at Jazz Dock, especially the scheduling. One concert is staged during the early evening (at 19.00), the other starts at 22.00, usually with a different band. But Jazz Dock isn’t an exclusively jazz venue – rock bands play acoustic concerts, and singers and theatre groups perform there.

Jazz Dock isn’t a tourist trap, but an entertainment venue with great performances and decent prices. In short, it’s a place where people go to have fun.

Beyond the Centre | Smíchov
 Type of establishment
Jazz Club
Free wi-fi
Suitable for families with children
Pet friendly
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If you plan to visit Prague in summer, don’t miss Jazz Dock. Or pop in for at least for an afternoon coffee. The venue opens at five o’clock.

Jana, Avantgarde Prague
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