Kinský Palace

Who would have guessed the type of art concealed behind the walls of a Rococo Palace in the heart of the Old Town. The National Gallery has made the Kinský Palace in Old Town Square home to its collection of Asian and African art.

So, if you want to leave the Central European streets of Prague behind for a while, take a tour of the art of Japan, China, Korea, Tibet, and South and Southeast Asia. The gallery also covers the Islamic world and Africa. The collection is one of the most important in Europe in terms of scope and significance and includes more than 13,000 items. At the gallery you can admire Chinese and Japanese bronze, ceramics, paintings, and sculpture. On display too are Tibetan pictures, objects from India, and much more. Individual cultures are discussed in their social contexts and in terms of how they are perceived in a European environment.

The palace also houses the National Gallery headquarters.

Old Town

The Kinský Palace hosts temporary exhibitions on non-Asian art as well, including high-quality retrospective exhibitions of artists from the 19th century to the present.

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