La Bottega di Finestra

In the Czech capital, the name Riccardo Lucque is almost synonymous with Italian restaurants. As well as the Aromi chain of restaurants, he also runs the simpler Bottega and Finestra, which specialises in meat dishes. Here you can enjoy delicately marbled beef, as well as game specialities. Deer meat is served lightly smoked and combined with chocolate, cherries and salsify; venison stew is sprinkled with grated gingerbread and pasta. Even a simple broth is made from wild meat, in this case game, and the cappelletti that garnish it have been filled with pheasant meat. The restaurant La Finestra is located opposite the Klementinum and offers good value for money. The staff are, of course, excellent and, what's more, extremely friendly. Here, the word professionalism takes on its full meaning, both in terms of the people who serve you and those in the kitchen who prepare your plates.

city centre | Old Town
 Type of establishment
Restaurant | Bistro
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Pet friendly
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