Municipal House Café

Construction of the Municipal House was a joint effort involving architects, sculptors, painters, mosaic artists, plasterers, and other artists. Together, they created a gorgeous work of art that has justifiably become the symbol of Art Nouveau in the Czech Republic.

All the interiors, including the famous café, are characterised by vivid tones, a variety of materials, decorative features, and incredible variations of floral patterns. Czechs gifted themselves the Municipal House at the dawn of the 20th century. The famous multi-purpose building embodies and forms a triumphant expression of a national ideal based on bourgeois and democratic concepts. The Municipal House was intentionally constructed before the very eyes of the Germans of Na Příkopě street.

People fell in love with the Municipal House, which became the pride of the nation, and they continued to visit under the communist regime. The gloss that had worn off over the years has returned, restored in the reconstruction after the Velvet Revolution. Today, the Municipal House sparkles as an Art Nouveau jewel, just as it did upon completion.

Admittedly, tourists make up most of the clientele at the Municipal House, but such a fact doesn’t detract in any way from the beauty of the interior. At the far end of the Francouzská restaurace (French Restaurant), where thousands of Art Nouveau lights sparkle, you’ll find an illuminated fountain featuring a nymph of Carrara marble.

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Enjoy some relaxing moments and experience a Viennese-style café tradition. Book a place at the Municipal House café through us and you’ll get a 5% discount on wonderful desserts from the daily menu, and on two drinks.

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