This sweet shop founded in 1904 by František Myšák (Mouse) used to be a big local name. After the move and a transfer to a new address in 2011, the café reached its zenith, attaining an almost heavenly atmosphere. A luxury cake and dessert emporium, housed in a three-storey building, Mýšák became the epitome of a coffee and cake venue. Politicians, leading figures and their families and artists alike all loved it.

The Second World War dealt a fatal blow to Mýšák, which was a family firm built by a self-made man, and nationalisation signalled the end for the sweet shop. However, its renown was so great that it was around to see the communist takeover. But the owners changed hands, and then insensitive alterations were made to the Rondo-Cubist building, leaving eventually only the facade (At least that stayed ... Everything else had to be destroyed due to compromised structural integrity).

In 2017, the new Myšák opened, going for a traditional look. The interiors evoke the original First Republic designs, and the menu also features goodies not typical of that period. Does that detract from the glamour and glory of the cafe of its heyday? Who knows? The regulars alive in those days are no longer with us; nobody can make a comparison. So, it’s now up to you to let your judgement and taste buds decide.

city centre | New Town
 Type of establishment
Bakery & Patisserie | Tea & Coffee
Free Wi-Fi
Wheelchair accessible
Suitable for families with children
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The café has always closed at 20.00. Thus, Myšák avoids the problem, unlike that of many Prague venues, of a respectable establishment becoming a less sober haunt as the evening wears on.

Patrick, Avantgarde Prague
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