Many bars like to boast about being the ONE and only. But often the owners take a risk with such a boast about their businesses. This isn’t a problem at Oblaca. Thanks to its location in the famous Prague Television Tower, in Žižkov, Oblaca is without a doubt the highest bar in Prague.

You’ll find Oblaca on the third floor, i.e. 66 metres above ground, so it’s no typical pub and unsurprisingly, the bar offers superb panoramas. In addition to the choice of drinks, Oblaca has a decent menu. The expensive prices and the concentration of international visitors compensate for the fact that nowhere else offers such sweeping views of Prague.

Beyond the Centre | Žižkov
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Bar | Restaurant
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When you’re at the tower, ascend to the 4th floor, where the viewing “capsule” is located. And during the day, you can spend some time strolling around the charming historic Jewish cemetery just below the tower. Entry has been free for the last few years, and visitors like to compare their view of Prague from the tower with the relics of the city’s past.

Giulia, Avantgarde Prague
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