Prague Public Transport Museum

The tram depot in Prague’s Střešovice neighbourhood was established in 1909 and in operation until 1992, when it was converted to a museum. Currently, it has 50 historic public transport vehicles and other items. The museum also has exhibits on loan from the National Technical Museum and the City of Prague Museum.

Did you know that in Prague at the end of the 19th century any driver causing a delay was sacked? The museum includes a permanent exhibition on the history of public transport in Prague, and you can see old photographs, documents, tickets, plans, and film footage from the Czech National Film Archive. Whether they are old or young, and whatever transport mode they are interested in, transport buffs be in their element. At the museum you can see a horse-drawn tram car, a forerunner of today’s trams, and carriages from 1891, from the early days of this mode of transport in the Czech lands. In addition, you can see a model of a high-speed R 1 train, developed in the early 1970s for the Prague metro. Bus and trolleybus enthusiasts will find much of interest too.



At the weekend and on public holidays, historic trams set off from the museum and run through the city centre. You can hop on and off nostalgic route number 41 on days when the tram is running. It can also be hired for private purposes, as can the museum premises.

Marcela, Avantgarde Prague
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