Přístav 18600

Once a dusty, peripheral neighbourhood, Karlín used to be left-behind and shabby, and inhabited by poor workers. There wasn’t much life here, and no reason to visit the area. The 100-year flood in 2000 left the neighbourhood a bleak place. Karlín was one of the worst affected districts, but paradoxically, the disaster has helped it spring to life in a way that nobody would have imagined.

Today you’ll find an abundance of restaurants, cafes, shops, and offices, and more are opening up – and the best concert venue in Prague. Přístav 18600 (formerly a train station) is one of the newest venues, with a beer garden, a playground and space for children, beach volleyball, creative workshops, lectures and festivals.

Přístav 18600 constantly changes and develops, and new features are being introduced. Each year, an architectural competition is held at the complex, and some new outdoor furniture will be added. Přístav isn’t just a pub, although it’s known as an excellent beer garden. In short, it’s the focal point of a district that is re-emerging. However, if you’re specifically interested in the pub known as MAJÁK, please bear in mind that it opens from April until the end of September. It’s housed in a container.

“We got the name MAJÁK thanks to the biggest supporter in the HitHit crowdfunding campaign, Josef Sysl. Instead of naming it in the same way as we suggested, he let the Přístav 18600 Facebook fans vote on the name,” said the owners. Isn’t that a beautiful human story?”

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In summer, you can book a barbecue and table beside it, and spend all day here!

Patrick, Avantgarde Prague
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