Ristorantino da Matteo

On Jirečkova Street, a large black sign decorated with the letter “M” irresistibly catches the eye of passers-by. Without it, they would perhaps miss this restaurant located in the basement. And that would be a shame... They would miss an establishment with a pleasant setting, where the pasta and seafood really have the taste of Italy. A journey to the other side of the Alps which is due not only to the cuisine, but also to the photographs by Vlastislav Macháček hanging on the wall. Among the curiosities of the setting is the pommel horse placed against the bar and which serves as a seat. As for the cuisine of this restaurant located very close to the Technical Museum, it is essentially inspired by the traditions of the Rome region, where one of the owners comes from. And what makes the menu interesting is its originality: don’t expect to find the same dishes here as in all Italian restaurants. The fish tartare, for example, is not made from tuna, as is usual, but from swordfish, and flavored with mint and pistachios; the shellfish spaghetti is decorated with chickpeas and the pesto is available in both a classic version and a purple version, with red cabbage and almonds as ingredients.

beyond the centre | Holešovice
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